Chapter 13


This book TWILIGHT THEME is solely written as a fact that a human can certainly feel within him, an ideology of the text is based on natural sciences and the sciences which are uncovered; the exposure to the human has been systematically on certain facts of life. An environment will live in an air of extra ordinary subject for survival already existing strengthened atmosphere phases of time span ..

Chapter 14


3-D Printing, the modern concept of developing organs and fabricating devices by artificial mens was originally discovered from space lab at ISS and the wrench(6 inch) with handle was produced functional similarly the medical science appreciated the better use of 3-d printed organs like,skin patchs,ear lobes,lung,liver and other is at the boom though the fact is 3-d printing may stop death somehow some day certainly,since the stem cells were the primary source of development but 3-d printing is now the soul source to replace death.