Chapter 7

Lauching Earth

The powerful product that imparts power anywhere somewhere in space shuttles and in a launch or launching satellites for communicative skill purpose all that is required is energy a renewable source of energy that is eternal sun which certainly solarizes the solar plates of satellites thus generates energy a potential in batteries and is reserved for usage while the satellite moves from automotive force and is controlled from Landers in sky and planet earth or other planets. The satellites dominate and let us aware of weather conditiond,pictures of planet earth and other planets like mars,Jupiter,mercury,saturan,and also the pictures of different moons are taken can be future topics of space exploration, though the unending source of energy is sun gamma rays with photons over silicon plates of solar plate and also the composition of photon is sum what a quanta an energy packet some nutrenio that is probably scientifically that is moving faster than a lighter but cannot be taken certain as is at NASA trial. The growth of microbes or life existing other than planet earth is discovered that the planet mars is in practical notation of work from last fifty years 50 as the first moon launch was made by American astronaut Neil Armstrong and Russian cosmonaut Yuri gagrin in year1969 later the explorations has been made to the other planets, the mars is better understood that the soil is usually a calciumcorbonate but it is been seen by spectrometry through panoramic cameras that the soil is highly radioactive, gypsum is also been discovered as venules calciumdihydrate,some grey soil is also been discovered after discovery and launch of mars rovers they also live on the same mechanism of energy source that is gamma rays photons over the solar plates to produce the potential energy in volts and is stored in batteries to be used for locomotive and communicative skills and also for illuminating the pictures are taken from the from the surface and in the mars skies later telescopes are being installed robonaut has been used for correction and uploading of rovers and already space transportation system STS,UPLOADING HARD WARE, maintain wreck, cooling material ,data transference,pictures,videos,soil samples, rock samples and air routine check up its configuration for survival biological nature, after certain discovers the athletic and curiosity has been installed left there for furthest explorations,tehse rover are controlled by network dish and antenna which is communicated you earth and a rotator satellite where the signals are transmitted to the explanatory or within planet sets of control rooms of network communication ways all that is needed the medium to go through genuine procedures and activities that is light that follows our destiny is certainly after days and to relieve our machines minds from exertion that where we love to be is a planet of earth or plaster of mars (gypsum in mars),or saturan,the light absorbed in the form potential energy can modified or converted in any form thus all is success life that we shine for success with no mistake foolproof phenomenon and give a twilight theme a chance to more precise and defined, we always pray to god there is rest and workday and night,light,dark,cooland hot, a life to glow with glorious view of universes to teach us the still millions to billions of suns to serve us as a sole source of energy for our processes to keep going and lead to the destiny’s of joy and eternal way to make explain the universal facts and findings in sweet manner.The geographical areas of planet earth are best explained over the scale of maps, these maps have certain logos of universal symbolisim,the part of expression in terms of land or water areas better divided in seas oceans rivers ponds lakes, channels even smaller or larger water bodies that give a survival to green era plants as kingdom of plants,phyloplanktons and definitely a animal kingdom which defines our unicellular organisms the god has given us thing that these creatures are well-established on the planet earth and also those organisms which live in space of course a microbes exist and a growth exist in planet mars in geographical phenomenon we can demarcate land oceans means an area occupied by life or the area occupied by water life is there that is for sure even though at Antarctic glaciers where the temperature is less than -55 degrees but the fact is mars has a less than -200 degrees in outer space this is understanding of geological facts, the life is as precious as your experimental knowledge of development is that you usually define in any phases of themes of skies that is foremost a truth the twilight appear in millions to billions of skies and give it own importance ,just as a matter of fact the definition of twilight in Saturn moony sky or other is else jupiters,mars skies, how beautiful it could be an aspiring view of inspiration that will always be there for you describe your own being with bountiful happiness and charmth this kind of glory being held focused from telescopes,hubble or inpanaromic,mast cameras, though the picture from mars,Jupiter,mercury,satura,Pluto skies a satellite view is self explained view with pictures and areas of description can be breath holding to the people who discover(space crew) and the people who cherish it in a moment of life, I love this moment that I want to explain you in more than a words that is my faith in you that you will never lose yourself definitely will have a faith a belief and self confidence, determination first in you and then only to one you for eternity (lord) this notion of feeling is above all in us brought from the heavenly, fairytales describe and insist animates of another where there is human a guest to groomed for his wish and those wishes can certainly be followed and solved he man wish turns in command that is almighty fills you with this divine spirit my dear I gave you everything you want but never underestimate those who need in your commanding position, all that I say is a single call which will keep your angelic power of being god’s own to serve mine living or non-living. The civic sense to be brought in my people is dynamic, changing phenomenon everyday people say we are moving in modern waves thus the fact is present turns in past that is ancestral history and future turns in modernization that modern a new nonlife the future experiments are the modern life style a dominating fiction above the god but the times changes and the fiction fades in just a says and practically what the god’s power dominates all. The human race is most disciplined after robonauts and can teach life a sophiscated way to grow and sustain in everyday strain and stress the challenges and modifying them in real ease of working class just to hold it in a decent manner a proper profile of protocol should be maintained though the civic itself is arbitrary but practical means change time by time and heals any excoriation of society with time give it beautiful lovely touch of pleasant theme of twilight all that is true is to gain a polished manner we must surely go hand to hand, shoulder to shoulder to treat the community for the better of maternity a growth curve control a survival that is better estimated at senses with proper required grains and liquid proportion of human requirements, similarly the tech environment has its own faculty of importance for its necessary usage of daily zone, the resources are for sure to be implemented in developing a machining force for machines that certainly will reduce the human effort in work and can be more efficien,portable,more sensitive, highly infrastructure,withaesthetic,functional,structural,and as clear to be brought in existence in society are to keep it away from society for beneficiaries a robonaut more intelligent than human works in a pure civic manner in space are in planets like earth, all that is true and easy to be understand at the society level when you keep believing own something you that is going and coming for sure and have it an d loose and you get it again for sure, a twilight theme come as gift stays with you where ever you are goes away in one part of skies to the one part planet like earth, red planet mars, Jupiter and in the same appear again to you any of the planets with it brings you an abundant stars that shines in the skies and moon of wonderful passion sky appearance on its departure, again its appearance with a lovely sun may be at times moon on the side if skies as a twin fashion this surely a vicious circle keeps in trance a phase of charming revels a happiness that never can hold you and your thoughts motto,,,,,go go live live and have a belief that is unending a destiny to living in a society with innumerable variations in human are other creations by god theme of (hereditary and variation)this is a universal phenomenon of genetic there is a phonotypical and genotypic differences a variation that forms a contrast of identification and defines the genome of human or other living being, plants also have same phenomenoical trend of variations by domination or recessive factor as is been detected in phonotypical external body change or genotypic genome internal change thus has same fact of genetics.