Chapter 1


Twilight is a span of time which correlates the time between sunset and appearance of moon or darkness. The peculiarity of twilight is that sun and moon appear together in the sky as the ultimate celestial bodies in the sky. The sun turn down towards the other hemisphere and darkness appear starting with silvery greyish sky, sky appear to become full of stars and oh well if it is raining it is more beautiful than ever sun hides behind clouds and rain falls in drops and touches the ground with hum of trance. The this theme of twilight is eternal and is the only time to cherish the beauty of nature and the sky turns slowly dark blue with abundant stars and stars shines with appearance of moon and the light strikes around the planet moon and then strikes to ground. This light of twilight is a medically more soothing to eyes and to rehabilitation of health. The plants and universal creatures take a change from day sun and appear a beautiful theme of nature. God bless everybody, the rain or a snow that strikes the Earth is silent trance of love to creatures and upliftment an upgrading of intense energy of earth’s planet. The time we spent is more not less but is obvious to cheer us and give us soothing relief from day hard work in top hot sun and the nature of air is cool and free almost free from any hazardous events. The property of nature twilight is gift to the man to distinguish the day and night. Sky appear silvery grey and red pink and ultimately dark blue the eyes adapt themselves to the intensities of light and make a path through across the night which is very silent more distinguished than day almost for more of the nation’s for rest, but in this rushing world there is no time to rest, twilight gives certain hormonal and abstract chemicals of body to release at the time of sunset after it changes with colours of sky adaptation of eyes to nature’s abstract. The love to the twilight never ends and it is everlasting it does not stop until the life is on. After a day’s hard work people go for a hot word or a soft beverage and ease themselves at any higher destination or a hill station array in any speedy restaurant this gives changing nature of day towards night a self respect of devotion to the work of whole day and participation in happiness and cheerfulness of life till it exist. The nights make way to darkness make way to people to the homes towards their families. Although the intensities are especially good and are wandering time to juvenile and young peoples who have no time waiting or go. For accept or spending a time for hi or bye kiss the life is so far going smooth as skies are silvery when it is done dare dark blue light ultimately turning on that devotion of attraction of human brain from day to night gives them a newer adaptation towards night. The twilight theme is unique to the nature of all wherever it is giving a charm to the nation this gives and every individual anywhere in the universes as defined. The world is a full of happiness and cheerfulness and we observe and perceive the feeling of nature and call it anything we desire as per our likelihood this nature we a marvellous twilight a divine expression give man and other creatures a way to make and express for fond or singing in the hum of rhyme or a water drinking to or meaning to bring newer generation and a matter of fact twilight is light that dear to night and near today, that is why this theme of twilight is universal and expressible to all the human generations and all natural beings it is love of nature which attracts all towards each other in different span of phases of aim of the time.