Chapter 11


Mount surface of a one side of mind is to launch a thought of wellbeing same as similarly a white color dominates other in shine a brightness but the red color is been seen in bold and high intensity a feature is property and can be correlated with other facts like good and best that is how tech vision is to go over to new and a legacy is a fact of old,broader terms this theme of twilight is a teaching preaching more than living for purposefull merry life at a verge of get up of universal life is indescrimnating and is more appreciated with the time, gross Vento of growth layer may be from poor to rich but the life is same an education for live is all man can be superior a numerous 1 one for a merry life can earn and spend, such necessarily to spread a fruitful knowledge can make a relation among creations and creator very close so we can impress and express formal the creations which are already been summarized by discoverer and so many yet to be discovered will certainly be in a need of you whether a rich or a power, learning creating and gaining education or make of your own sciences with tech relations or technological will impart your part and contribution to grow the universe in symbiotic relation of one and other, this process will go on carry such terms of life to live will modulate the general way of living in very different extremities of present scenario but is never helpless with a hope or a courage, an impression of enthusiasm with a dedicated soul will be certain win to lords of god those gods which so far are not known shall remain one is singular GOD, definite source of care taker will make us win a difficult job whatsoever comes our way collaboration of social spiritual scientific and most populars sciences are largely spread to generations and generations to prove human wise and most successful that is the fact been impregnated with a majestic wish of god,syntific or a popular cores don't stop there work as if an assignment is undone get on to it live with blessing of god hold such description of practical work with a moral of being scinere to yourself and it will groom you and your inner being,as there is life and to grow a food is a need similarly there are parameters like a compositional proper dietry chart like proteins of equal calories ,fats as a calories,carbohydrates,and vitamins,minerals all such food constituents are taken in a proper and appropriate proportions excess of it may cause obese and reduced makes cause starvation and in sufficient growth, some fibre by composition is required to control excess lodge of fats some proteins may keep your schedule in check, some minerals will make a complete diet and vitamins will serve as some biological components gradually science of life is serving those requirements which never ends the life, exposed facts so far are even a brain cells can also grow that means life is immortal, a vital environment for vital human structure is experimentally lab passed, if the procedure of life is diverted to the energy must be consumed from sun and there is no need for such food which is to be ingested from outside and the modification of human cells will transformation in self synthesisizing food in presence of sunlight and some precursor for a mass like a minerals from soil, such calibrations with the synthesis and development will later be illustrated in highly illuminating versa in lab of practical preparations, this concept is un unchallenged and the aim is a exploring moving to best of knowledge.Gentical aspect can be achieved from the same fact as if the minerals later the composition of genetic material will form a elemental course from a mendel's periodic table as phantom is best example now the robots are shining in colors will be the future precursor for neo-man a person with lab origin.This process will never end and will continue for a life time that is majesty from god after judgement days life will come and will always come in un ending universes of so forth coming sciences will call from our inside be prepared we to live in ages to prove the era of meaningfull scenario,we gather the consciousness in confines of work god wait not for go far far for the best and serve wise with wishful and praying and preaching.The martian land has an strong impact on the researchers or earth as there is quest for comformation and tempting eagerness to live in a geographical aspects of whole surveillance,this exercise is performed now and then to groom for a life on other planets as well generally keeping that point in view is to catch a line of survival with is useful way of trend can deviate a practical path to the universes of space that bring a particular meaning against all the spiritual views and modestic knowledge of man,this treasure of space can be showed for exploration in a certain path of galaxies where they have some inheritance of human related findings for more than 300 billion universes is a clue for further directions of space technology and space life,it is certain that life can be given a definite growth a move at edge of space where ever the orbital composition will favour from microbial to multicellular organism these experiments are made in a welldefined environment can give rise to a scientific culture will perform the best of job that is incredible in its times,across the miles to find the lving path through space are certain places undiscovered where ever the life is possible can hold it for the real mean,since the places where usually life seems impossible an ultimate path becomes a planet earth a part of the earth where primarily human can survive in an ordinary conditions,to maintain the hope and a trend for a growth in an ubiquitious space the conditional behavior is adopted in different places in a different configuration will favour us in description to value out the highlighted parameters can make a question of survival answerable where as the environment is create artificially my maintaining a usual kind of gravity,an atmosphere with moderate vital temperature,a formal process to be synthesized in multi process avenue and a over all bio compatible extremities of the project exploring space as a matter of fact an approach to traverse a real and practical proposal to the destiny's of cosmos and cosmonauts and astronauts have some tendency to adopt some kind working beahaviour for a future hard ware of module to generate and explain us in transparency,as any of the devices in terms mechanical hodghedge rovers are decades being developed and has put forward for a communicative skill and and to carry some descriptive awareness and climax of knowledge,now the modified mechanical rovers with a spike over a circular ball in a shope make it move our the moon or mars surface with an appropriate highly correct manner to read details for us these inventions are also related to present curiousity rover,athletic rovers such discoveries is in large with that goal of make our life sustainable at planet mars or some other planet which keep it bio-diverse,the population of present live life is there for a sustained atmosphere confined to planet earth but real sense to expose your nature for a tour to mars for a more than a billion $ let your imaginations run high with a power of inner accenture an accent to gather some pebbles as soil a surface descriptive through it at a distances where it gatheres mass is planet earth in outer orbital such behavior of object pebble is lost only because gravity is lost and the object moves away from the body,this phenomenon of relation at any of spaces is variable can make your assumption clear that there is a magnetic field with the electric field is associated when you pass a current or already existing currents from moon ,stars,mars,earth and else more though the highly developed electric field from collision of clouds cause water burst and a millions of lightning daily such electric fields are absorbed by a massive magnet earth, same as a other plantial influence in contorary to the fact of current there is a noise of high decibles in addition to the there is appereance of more than few rainbow by the refraction of light through water rain drops and the rain drops form a shiny streaks as there are some vanderwales forces with cohesion binding,nature of light for calibration of serving a driving force as a energy from the suns still not discovered normal theme to understand a royal concept of living status is always been held to follow heavenly bodies that discriminates a larger to clearer norms of meditation a relax from a hectic schedule will give you a newer roaster as if a human need some kind of exercises mental and physical will improve primarily a nerve regeneration similarly emotional behavior gain some strength in sympathy a sense of charity will be flared, a understanding of self being and differentiating an evil from good will cover you for truth and fair priority will lean for so far details are wide open for open minds to meditate for growth and prestige a name mono-know individual grossly spreads personality, the persona of human as normal is descriptive to grow good and do good and believe in a god proceed for the eternities of universes while it is a gorgeous a filled up lump of knowing and spreading a concept of lay down a path of power a strength of serving treating loving caring and more than a practical appearances are satisfactory to this array of universes.