Chapter 10


The green world is as usual a life source to all and is most ecologically friendly to any of the universes this strata take a tour of life in a different worlds of life a living host also has non living compositional behavior like iron in a green spinach or among human you will find an iron,or calcium such compositional traces are counted to distinguishing feature in general the descrimnation is poor that makes us more competent to better understand the future lives at universes we are going to stepupon and green revelution to be held for a pure life of unending theme will bring a pleasure and an existence to those creations like superghosts with different genome a hybrid of superman and animal (homo spaien+social animal),such alienic alineis are better adopted for extreme conditions of different planets of the different universes.There are millions of galaxies shining by the stars like M-1 and M-2 these galaxies are best visualized by a telescope with its focal power more than a two 2 meters and pictures can be gathered for exhibition at space café the galactical debate can prove us with galaciers of ice been covered by the stars at the night skies of expression of a celestial heaven kind look,scientists are still on it to make it clear that galaxies with cisconcern with already explained helium-3 composition can glow a sun with more times than normal composition of star or sun an active sun with Hydrogen and Helium the fact is later put in more confined way that argon is found in mars,gradually the nature of work in space or with planets provide us with a solid schedule and a pattern of stars in stary sky an intercalated distances a spectrum in hue a movement with respect to celestial bodies an acceptance of provisional relationship with small to big structures of presently described or later apprehended space gear with maximum success rate also the projects with maximum hard work and financial status and a time consumption has a concept of space machines a shuttle or a ship to be carried in space through the far different conditions and circumstances and un expected pathway to be faced will lead us to wonder creations mostly in conjugation with the lander at planet earth or else where,this space innovation has so far being better explained to the people of earth that there is no limit to life to live as social as it can be super societious in general in different intervals of time at ofcourse in different planets of lively universes with least adaption to please as available as a best prepared,stars provide you with many opportinuities and later it shines at you ultimately fades away for a tresstrial purpose and other planets like sun to shine upon the genras of galactical fact as if a stary dyanasty will later form the species of races of families and herds and groups and individual,individuals host that capacitance of growth and give a newer version of life to live a life style that build and breakaway in descriptive manner of far to near developments a qualitatative status of persistence will normally breach an unusual and make best to happen for a leading survival,any of the discs of planetal periphery can create a tension a force that keeps it rotating in the space an outer space usually 200 to 300 ms across the distances and the core part is compacted in compression to prevent it from tear across,the sudden change in planetary shape or a composition is a chemical reaction at mechanical stress at surface or may dig deep will change the normal pattern of configuration mathematical or physical aspect of usually well defined planet,though the mathematical expression can have a functional probability but the physical is law and is a universal so the water air these parameters are related for understanding sake as physical but in the sense of properties are widely filled of differences by taking all the aspects in a consideration the historical clue about a subject from itself a historical evidence is a just matter of description in a simpler forms of clear means a moral booster a creation that fills a knowledge hive an extending extensions allaround a viscious circle of quest of happiness and as a wellbeing,the philosophical edge of luck, siprit, love, care, soul, a feeling of definition is summarized in one pack that is all in knowledge must be related in one of the facts of technical part because of a nature is a word other feature is usually keep us away from mathematical point of view and physical consideration is send signals that word must not be under covered is a meaning of life in easiest way mentioning,as usual the general knowledge is a potent substance to carry the green eco-friendly campaign in order to facilitate the pure form of human sensual nature of realbeing to clear the thoughts of preachers with good and fill them with new as older are done in the shape of pious work,and is rewarded in medals appreciates and bouquet of blessings at most a bountiful knowledge, is a knowing and spreading it in a rampant phenomenon to attain the plateau of best that is carved from inside and laid for well even though the start is not end there are millions of ways out still to explore and yet not far from the expectations gradually the smoothing of rough is more desirable and successful with high aesthetic range of status and power of sense being among equals as a result the wave of wellbeing is spread and translated to those who really deserve it, to climb a mountain is easy but to describe the view over the top is worth mentioning is heart filled course of period where there is no ends simultaneously life can be quite interesting to be around means to cure for care and to leave to let and to future to present and past to had experience glow forever, the natural blessings of our inheritance like a water to fill up your more than 70%+ weight a dry, will be protecting you from burning from intense sun where ever you are as a matter of fact the adaption to the environment is life will usually protect you from desiccation and keep you nurtured from in and out, similarly other facts of food is needed for survival will protect you from starvation, and a shelter will brought you in will surely give you a place to live is to sleep, and the place around you is certainly a area of work for survival in different modes of prosperity, a prosperous cool life is also better appreciated with partner to propagate your generations in the form of offspring's in quite legal and genuine ways such requirement will fulfill your old age care and a project to installed of human trend but the times are changed you can certainly make usually of home robonauts everything is a properly made and is due to all and is never ever greek or latin,or alien or unaware to any of the human this is a life of factual deeds which we must be always upon and should have that tendency to live up with always and ever.