Chapter 2


The whole power of living is our heart which is strong as you drive from your mind for the entertainment and enjoying this period of life as we live. life is eternal and doctors say it’s never ending and it’s for more rehabilitating than any other else than this world for human betterment ever as a normal human being in this era of textual and a practical means of twilight is scientific approach of smoothness and mind cooling a sole filling and brisk walk giving more symmetry and rush to the blood in the body which calculates its circulation meaning throughout the body and always make sense of wellbeing that why we love the divine creatures of god and its mightiness at a good times any time but this period of time is more observing living even in praying going to places visiting sacred places holly places, or prayer houses life churches, synagogues, mosque, temple or other gurdwara or Buddhist temples. To keep the name of a god which is single always there to guide? We performed exercises sacred dances and health regulatory prayers that are teaching lessons. all that we deserve in the world is meant and already provided to us as the only difference is to get to it the power of getting it is within us and ought to get sooner or later the man is independent to all the natural wings and the cover to the natural wings is up above there in the sky which always favors humans in his destiny of life. life means going on and goes on as you proceed to succession of life and the powerful description of theme of astronomical understanding of human to the celestial nature or span of time to bearer who love to chase the galaxies by his hard work and certainly by wish of god there are gods we often follow is our goals we follow and share it to the universe and cherish themselves to blossom of cosine of miracles that happen every movement of life that is always been in and around the mind that does not deviate from its existence although the world towards itself and give a chance to feel us as one. Sky flyers in the sky sing prayers that motivate us to believe in a super natural god the vitality and glooming sky's are always beautiful and nursing to massive universal life and make heaven around the world that we live in today and tomorrow. This is the ultimate understanding to this part of life and possesses the world wideness and it’s our legacy to follow it and live it with full and forever and always being part of it.