Chapter 2


The perfect to explore the world and make millions of people astonished about the charming creations of level in the perfect time of twilight its all the end mass of love and cure to the world and is if it is great gloom to world to cherish the different people of different nations it reveals to natural beings and their lives its always true to be lucky and assonating to sow a seed of love in the heart of people who live in the world the bond of love is always tired and is guarded by stars and stars never end up the glow in the sky anywhere in the world. The people love to blow up their minds with chill of loving passion and living in different planets is life different at different spans of life. the twilight is unique everywhere although if you climb to the farther planet to sedna or mars we will observe the theme of light in sky's and find people happy as if they are well equated to hum of music and love is everywhere it time to host concerts and bigger functions and ventures in the world bring fanciful flying colors in every bodies life make the life stronger than any time of its life. the necessities being a part of every creation in this world every time it is the universal law that the basic theme of understanding individual is to get diverted to him by any means thus denotes symbiotic relationship between the different individuals it is always true and correct to hold on as like you reach to your destiny of life. the life means everything and everything its joys and everlasting confined movements that after in different apprehensions and themes of spans of life there will be a light that guides towards the greatness and the intense sheen to the devotions and other presumptions to presume life as it is between within you and me make you a beautiful person in the world. This way we share everything with other although the reaction is the best part to show upon your wills and thoughts that makes you cheerful and happy. The extending course of here to devote yourself all together towards natural it being and love and pleasure is its name is a booming elementary facts of entities associated.