Chapter 13


This book TWILIGHT THEME is solely written as a fact that a human can certainly feel within him, an ideology of the text is based on natural sciences and the sciences which are uncovered; the exposure to the human has been systematically on certain facts of life. An environment will live in an air of extra ordinary subject for survival already existing strengthened atmosphere phases of time span,300 billion light years more than that a miracles of superemo a pure existence of universes ,experimental work a developing human beings an IVF,test tube babies or a subject of developing complete human body a laboratory purpose a forensic astrobiology.This subject is merely holding a spare time and lots of you read /work upon a moments of life it is self exploring to us all.The facts are clear to you just a normal life wakening up with sunshine,feeling a mid day sun an automated food synthesis (vit.D) a cool environment and a twilight a night to release to chemicals that grow us, to pleasures, disease free and with a lot of comfort atmosphere. The chemicals which produce pleasure are endorphins,dopamines,enakhaphelins,and other as normal. This textual experience give you place working being a living a well being, an intelligence of intellectual being of feeling will grace upon you as long and longer and make shine to maximum.


Its is subject of study of total capacity of adult human brain a total neuronal matter the capacity is mentioned in terms of cubic centimeteres,the total capacity of adult human brain is 22000CC in living brain as a fact the weight and a content of neuronal matter is archived from the law of bouncy the brain a neural matter is placed in a formalin trough the displaced formalin is weighed gives a mass of a brain, by the mentioning from “sir” grey the neurometery was determined by lead jet technique the incorporation of lead in a skull can also be meaningfull.Its capacity varies from different ages from foetus in the mother’s womb to the child adulthood, the capacity increases with the increases in size of skull, it is calculated by size of skull at all ages. The different of skull or a cranium are anterior cranial fosse lodges anterior cerebrum; the middle cranial fosse lodges mid brain a cerebrum and 1/3 of the brain, posterior cranial fosse lodged posterior brain cerebellum puns and medulla which ultimately leads to the foramen magnum at the base of the skull which communicates with spinal cord. The different aspects of neurometery are direct measurement of neuronal matter or emptying the skull and filling with the mass of agar gel colloid which gives us a measurement in cubic centimeteres, in older terms it could be done in by lead shot method. This methodology a full-fledged subject teach us the ability of human brain to work and requirement for survival of human being. The vessels inside the brain give the capacity of blood circulating in the brain supplied from the heart through aorta then through carotid artery,meningeal artery and then cerebral arteries a circle of Willis anterior and posterior cerebella arteries drain into inferior cerebral artery. The requirement of brain for survival is glucose and is the ultimate source of simpler food required with oxygen the blood capacitance of brain is as usual there because of flow from jugular vein, that keeps a continuous flow to the brain by physiological means, and thus keep the brain cells from dying. The different chemical itself are filled in the neurons with viscosity to give a natural existence and different area has different capacity of processing food processing the functions cerebrum a motor functions,speech,visualization,and so many other functions from cerebellum by pons and medulla,temperature sensitive and vestibuchoclear area.


There are 12 cranial nerves ;1:optic nerve;2:olfactory nerve;3:oclumotor nerve;4:trochlear nerve;5:trigeminal nerve;6:abducent nerve;7:facial nerve;8:vestibulochoclear nerve;9:glassopharyngeal nerve;10:vagus nerve;11:accessory nerve;12:hypoglossal nerve.

The nerves emerges through different foramen at the base of the skull:OPTIC nerve discovered by henry gray,is confined to the middle cranial fossa through infra and supra orbital fissure to the eye.OLFACTORY nerve is for olfaction emerges through cribiform plate of ethimiod bone.OCCULOMOTOR nerve is the nerve confines to mid brain.TROCHLEAR nerve is confined to middle and posterior cranial fossa.TRIGEMINAL nerve is confined to mid brain.ABDUCENT nerve confined to anterior brain.FACIAL nerve is confined to middle of the brain.VESTIBULOCHOCLEAR nerve is confined to cerebellum.GLOSSOPHARYNGEAL nerve is confined to posterior cranium.VAGUS nerve is confined to mid brain.