Chapter 13


ACESSORY nerve is confined to posterior cranium.HYPOGLOSSAL nerve is confined to posterior cranium.The nerves develop from neural crest in the brain stem cells,the neuronal crest cells are diamond shaped and give rise to the meninges of brain and nerves as well.assesment of foetal brain is about 1100 CC at the parturition as the skull keep growing develops to the higher and later to complete adult followed a old age configuration.The spinal cord is welldefined in chordata and there are 33 pairs of spinal nerves starts from cervical nerves are 8 in number,thoriac nerves are 12 in number,lumber nerves are 5 in number,sacral nerves are 5 in number and coceageal nerves are 3 in number. Total mumber of spinal nerves are 33 with dorsal and ventral roots over the bony vertebrae;C=8,c1,c2,c3,c4,c5,c6,c7,c8.T=12,t1,t2,t3,t4,t5,t6,t7,t8,t9,t10,t11,t12.L=5,l1,l2,l3,l4,l5.S=5,s1,s2,s3,s4,s5.C=3,c1,c2,c3 (col).My personal clinical experience for the content of neurometery is a more accurate and easily performed a brain(neuronal matter) to be placed in formaline trough,the displaced amount of formaline will give a neurometery(by;archemide’s principle). Neurometery is all purpose architecture and a frame work of body it is a knowledge of understanding to communicating the human network of neuron a real biological nerves that carry an impulse of signal proves us to that the non biological network in similar cases can be utilized for the study of brain of machine or a brain of human, the necessary requirement for a networking system of biological,biocompatible or a metallic machine is up to the command a voluntary or non voluntary this command is achieved and made in progress by stimulus only that is impulse a nerve impulse a wave propagation and then configuring it in a gear to perform the activities in super fashioned manner of effiecency.This is the higher science of existence and can certainly glow our thoughts and wishes that the space exploration can never fall and any of body from robonaut to phantom,to the highly studied progeny for a space come to us with a glory space success will reduce the stress of congestion a lot of living places at the planet earth, the recent discovery is a 1 one day return by an astronaut from mars, also even a rocket space craft has send to the asteroid to hold it firm a rocket weighing more than a 200 tons of fuel, can be moved also can figurized in orbit from a control at lender of mars, orbital space, and in the planet earth. even though the technology is rising as rampant as anything this time planet earth is being saved from always for man and other as the man turning natural flying at extremities of space over the extreme soils of radioactive substances just by a shield of urethane and polyurethane compounds also with the dramatic properties of a carbon can be appreciable is a successful job to move in shuttle with aluminium and aluminium percoholate across the high intense burning sun. The most remedial therapy to the diseases of ancient times was manipulated as a homemade , but the most of the diseases were cured in ancient ways by chemicals borne from flowery plants for example papaver somenerium for majority of bereaved people since the synthetic was drugs were undiscovered the same poppy was used for general body treatment and folks of that times , the head of the herd society was holding an in charge job for the health and its betterment. In most of the cases people were very nursing to each other just for a growth of modern mind to build most suitable procedures for a healthy man , now a days the things are totally automated and are self controlled by the mechanisms of machines and biological vast arms to stop even a death can definitely be separated and distinguished from the present status of life with high motility and a reduced chance of preference , the drugs has changed the life style of the people even if the people survive for a drug , which is an happiness a kind of tranquilizer and a better feeling of working life . mostly all the human body systems were treated in a similar manner as ancient times inters of a remedial a cure that is needed by the times of diseases the present and the past is mixed up in discoveries to hold a life for eternal . The twilight theme can be best adopted for a real belief in self individual to gather a massive temperament in persona for a life to live any of times of the universes, fulfill you with ever happening joy and pleasure with the open winged thoughts of desire.