Chapter 8


The practical impact is infinite requirements to be discovered for life to be lived in modern times of this perspective is key factor for an impression of not ending life, this work up together will never bring a saturation of ideologies or thoughts, or a work power some devotions a manner of prayer a faith and a will to live a life to share with a glare with disciple as a human a special being a respect an honor, following features of life give reasonable advice and a suggestion a platform to any of open minded person to wish to live for ever. We are here to assemble all the imaginations in front of the automotive machine that is man with a machine of sum up the task and count up the dunes and heaps, learn up to the herd mind, sort the generous ideas in a simpler manner of usage,energise each other cause of living,care for the emotions,make a path for those living in the separate views and exploring reasons of life to create normal among themselves and others around are away will certain beat the beast or love to tame.The gesture in wild bodies a vigorous a sharp way of prey, a vision, claws of entangling evil, run marathon, a fear of none, a sport of gymnastic all that is there to grow you up by the nurture or a brought in by such divine power a shape of dancing eagle, has a full sensual devotion to the happenings of natural creations, a creative came up from that which is strange in an intellectual manner of performance in any other aspects of life treating with everything which is depleting or turning to the side which is never ending a abundant source. Glory comes is fact of knowledge or in a good pleasure giving substance or be some work which we perform a meaningful or a least of it, top of it is a cause to do why and what to do its is a sweet motivation from lord to us do and make it done,the power of motivation is a key to performance so the performance is in general achieved from by doing in a manner of highly appreciation and teaching and serving shall remain there,it is a grace and art of life where we exactly grow in god’s flowery lap of indefinable fragrance to essence our thoughts with beautiful creations and will fill in soul and spirits to help and love and care people. Design of heavenly convenient motivate way going for a task to perform at a level of life’s different phases will leave a scar of sacred knowledge for any of the generations to live for a cause of modern generations in modern times, that detailed script of ancient ancestral from any of the species is better teacher to the future living an innovative imploring and future teaching in script and practical will come up to you as simple as a bolus of food in your mouth, this all fact among we all who believe with to the creator an astronautically way of life aerospace medicine of subject of knowledge natural sciences gives a better understanding of life and a care of life in space at zero gravity, or people who astronauts who work on other planets or a in a orbit of outer space, generally the health tune is maintain regularly with spacewalks and exercise including their work, normally all such activities are a pair of thought that is yes or no, an immediate meaning is life is survival at any of the drastic conditions while exploring a life and a place to live other universes an extra universal space, a place is discovered now with abundant life and a requirements of survival. The doc-tech traverse than knowledge of neo-life in modern times as modern era of sciences where definitely no one can go for no,where it is left is only ‘yes’ that is how we prove it all a flying and flourishing theme work at working groom of Twilight,this twilight theme will last with you all the time and can give you a reason to believe in “yes” that is life an existing a practical a better decribed description of formative text of building a a nature being with a pure sense of living.