Chapter 8


Everybody whosoever goes with this rhythm of life is successful and none of the answerable being itself path provider a motivator and a survivor of GOD. Distinctive feature of domination over evil can create a better man in you and you certainly have an opportunity do best as the our planned structure in our brain machine can duly form an infrastructure that is pleasing a god fearing an empowering and never exhausting and a loyal strata of living style definitely life likes a manner as ‘sir’ Newton says to every action there equal and opposite reaction; whatever humble you do you get the best whatever the evil you do you get worst, this law will always last as a work pride and prestige never fails, in order to contain life and its essential perspective you govern to those destiny’s which un covered and can be better elaborated and exploring by you only just for the sake of god as he loves his own dearly in philosphylical phenomenon where even scientific correlate and conjugate hand to hand for the continuity that is the destiny of pride of lord a teacher a care taker and a partner sharer a glorious supporting kind and humble deserving prayer, and we sincerely salute his highness and pray to him always, soul pertaining a moiety of kind of air like an oxygen give life to phantom and spirits fill up our belief to the god and thus carry us to live upon the facing challenges and later finish up with easily a task just like nothing is being done call to us as a winner and give a victorious label upon the record of life’s living prepares us for the next task and make it done and so on as is a prayer in different intervals with different increaments,and bless us for each and every task.Encoragement by lifting our thoughts high moral boost and motto through the stars care for an each exercises an inspirations over inspirations this leads to an eternal glory of winning and building a god of truth within ourselves and other, these notifications which intimate us to come always there in the teachings of lord is never deviating you from best to worse and passes you from the exercises of life time, though the success is ever ending and a knowledge is better being filled in sac to spread in evenly manner with losing its part and growing high to the innovations of future generations,thaese generations are of course a classical example of unlimited knowledge and are a said motto to those who are seeking from birth to long run of life is also a kind of nourishment to the mind and soul is feast of divine version to enlight for ever as a quest of knowledge and education put a glory of literacy in of the sense of meaning;acessessibility like hearing,visiulizing,speaking,sometimes feel of it in ambition these means of sprouting a flower from a planet cherish the soul and glow the faces of flowers,human,moon,sun,more than that is a resposiblity of heavenly destiny’s to give us an eternal belief on God.The lord will care and we do to our fellowmen or more or less to the universal existences live taller and grow greener will lead us as successful and powerful persona’s in these discovered or now discovered universes to the later generations fact of universal living. The influential way to growing bud in favor of life sustenance and better understood virtue of branch of scientific knowledge is a pure derivation in fact to lead and let other follow, the mean of all that which is clear to us or can be better described for those who have a belief such a belief that can build a moral truth in within the governing soul of heavenly existing creatures, these creations lay down a path to us to give knowledge of lord a to grow in us a fashion that is exaggerating means improving day by day, this status is self explanatory is put forward to the generations and generations of still to be described and with an hope of exploring new, a neo theme an illustration of feel good pleasure against any of the ill jeopardizes can better be dominated by virtue of our wellbeing a prayer from hearts and souls from the deepest spirits of heavenly of beings and with the normal support and wish to lord from angelical faith through a powerful meant of certainty will appear to us as a result that is showering filling us with eternal prayer of blessings that keeps us a wellbeing with everything of own will always let us to be bountiful, the worldly and heavenly creations are two different aspects of life, one is to owe heaven and ought to belonging from heaven of night or other is a heaven belonging from day, the fact is world is defined by self being that is better put in words of worldly itself by forthcoming creations or already being invented and discovery of worldly events will host in you and me and can best of knowledge explained and made quite aware to you by the practical faith of subject grown inside us similarly the coolest point is to compare a worldly existences any of the defined things with the heavenly creations these are the such creations which are wholly and solely defined in a manner of god blessed things can’t be changed for example a kind of book, holy books or the subject of descriptions that is teaching from lord in different holy books can attain a priority of being over the piers of peers of solutions where as the other respective aspects to find a quality status and a quantity status this is just described and is held in terms of parameters of heavenly creations an assumption of celestial and heavenly body no far away from understood skill of the worldly way though worldly is a one way street and the heavenly is starting from one to the millions paths of spaces of worlds of universes.