Chapter 5

Medicinal Technocrat

Thus your creativity wants me to teach those who are away from you or by your side and teach and serve them sweet blessings from your majesty and feeling of open mindedness so they rely on your divinity a power that never lessens which holds us to grow, just fetus in the mother’s womb for at least nine (9) months. A real phenomenon of appearance as a child grow them within the support of yours till the survival of the universe moieties of objective substance of definition in symbiotic relationship with each other with you my lord respect with gratitude your science a definition san alarming life as soon as coming into to the understanding ,I know your mastering of departure depart that any living thing has to face even though the teachings is similar to the non living objects in front of our eyes they vanish by our sculptures and designed in different forms by your guidance and power of intruding your strong will that through ,every human surrenders it to you that you are the one (1),that is your alones is superb all the great we are purled fashion a masculine and feminine but you are just a single a singular beauty to praised in althea centuries all the dynasties praised every as a single you suit for all same judgment and a Sam love a same care a same kind look to all a flexible human or any other but single the well defined company for god is just to be sincere nothing else as we need to correlate a human with a god that is not far from pious kind we took birth from females and later offspring and future races a god looks smart alone no organ like female or forth coming races has a millions of female more than a other families of skies or else everything open discovered or non-discovered is in his own relationship, we differentiate among ourselves dearest one nearest all that called guardian or a parents but the illustration of lord is single as it has to for sure look for and care for all. A well-defined power physical or a mental or even sentimental define and describe our destiny that I am on a promise to one that have to be someone make other so I should never give rise to the wild and devils mind that usually is a destructive machine, man is machine with a tremendous capacity to do the things in different way in different proportion beyond normal proportion a normal human becomes an evil, as survivor god has all those qualities a features that regulate is easily and give us disciplined life to live in the universes, an eternal support to the all phases of life is described in biological means as well as the fetus is inside is a fact that is visible as an example of god is there but can be seen in job of worship as a child takes birth at parturition a god is evident that a child is going to be parent in his life time in an adulthood then the phase of old age and a carbon copy remains in future generations in F2 genome a desperate procedures for baby among lost of potency people the IVF and adoption is carried out in a modern era of edictal sciences these procedures are legally performed with a 100% success rate. The power some effort from my vigil and knowledge is to serve up always and ever till your people lift up divinity of cosmos power or a geointeresting power, all or to the nations born or unborn fill up with the extra care and super quest of being well highly civilized to the norm of teaching truth and necessary care smooth ,a pure smooth error free without any wrong doing that put them away whoever turn into barras ,teach them lesson a better pathway of life time for a goodwillness,wishs,that always shine.The space particle a carbon that tell us growth of life is automated exploration in a bio mannered automated superman is a kind of bionic life e.g.; HAL (hybrid accessed limbs) or automated body cover is influenced under the basic unit i.e. carbon nano fibre which is normally even controlled by intact human of brain as the impulses are being Implied upon the movements like the contraction of i.e. repulsion of carbon fibre under the influence heat generated from the battery cell like lithium ion.