Chapter 9


Modern generations are at the verge of urge where they compete for nothing but somewhere wants design this universe by facts technological approach at any of the times want bring some dissolution opportunities in real devices of tech usage that keeps a check in a product it is been necessary everywhere and the field of machine ways to incorporate the basic formulae for human need any of discoveries so far is incredible and more of outstanding to the entire genera of worldy creations, these scientific devices are being for the sophisticated manner of life style also for the growth human generations to uplift and arrive in adolescence to old age with thoughts, serving techs,robonauts,robots for better of miracles of tech-techs these centuries already gone are much of the modernized the later centuries to destiny's will be defiantly a modern next generations miraculous master piece of technological work, power to grow up and the energy resources make energy centuries thus unexaushting scientific technology,so the all that is a delicate and tech framed highly and carefully treated with is the successful discovery to the universes.The biological approach to tech ware is to protect the tech from machine infections from biological or no biological insults this the core issue where tech usually fall in the fact of better treating the with care of knowledge and holds up to the levels of immune potentiating increasing capacity of work together in and out of lab, the there is a much of exposure to release the highly tested certified a successful matter of inventions in common use. The highest follow up to the sky in search of exploration a space exploration where the space is defined as a core integral of this universe that opens the eyes of mankind to describe the whole love towards known or unknown ones this is carried in a projectile way of expression in a practical field of mentioning space and associated space structures and the composition of time with air around a mist, fumes a chill of frozen and certain asteroids, meteors may at times produce a hole a bullet hole to a space shuttle ISS,this can be better cured even diverting the path of detected meteor or asteroid so solely this cause to space discovery will gather maximum data to learn this pure form tuft of knowledge and can be grown in our minds and souls, generally speaking just a typical fact of solar era the all of the solar inventions are most commonly used in japan,usa,Russia,and china as sole source of renewable energy can better be eco-green and bio-diversely distinguishing to generations now and later, as the space is quite broad to be held in mind we have those chips of semiconductors in our mechanical manual that we can have presently a data of each bytes enough to carry out present strata, though this theme of putting things together in order operate the basic fundamentals life can be hardly compared to the microbes or massive structure to be built on surface of mars, as the mars is itself loaded with the highly radioactive substances we can add up it with other materials like uranium and polotunium,thorium and may be traces of radium that what makes it a massive un exhausting energy sources that is no where depleting the project need we can carry out nuclear power,we can build highly architectural designs and can give a shape of potent resistant to drastic conditions so easily a life will be sustained in those closed chamber life called green house this part of green house is away from green house gases that may deteriot the project in built infrastructure or may affect the growth of life in normal. The geostationary impact of normal living is as super as explained to you in comparison to life at mars this trajectile,projectile access of growth a gravitation to the sun or to the planet earth as a magnet which holds half it for and half of it for south pole the fact if you cut a part of in two you will get south and north pole in a same piece but in opposite direction that is how we calculate the gravity in space of sun moon earth, mars but the fact is survival at such gravity or survival away from the gravity while as a zero 0 gravity is critical place to felt upon for a life a normal genuine biological or a nor biological existence that is what is truth is all about and it gradually gains some pounds of explanatory nomination as all that changes from its originality shows a dynamism of really a quality of appreciation held in record for future progression of forming planets, while as the stars asteroids,meterors die and produce newer planets better understaood from the pure knowledge of space and the innovations we are upto far more extremes are the those who live for the sake of a welldefined space a satellite behaviuor a pictures from and nearer to the different planets stars run upon to shine to illuminate the universes and the planets are the liveng celestial bodies to give a life a derivation of its own definite course is in a family of heavenly bodies give constelliations a mere good chance as well change to spread across the blue up sky very neatly in a manner of sweet lines from one of the stars to the other and then to the progressive way illumination a gathering of all these known facts blow a torch of eternal faith forever within us and among you all you sustained for persistence.