Chapter 9


The glorious traditional and modern acceptable belief of gods and the nature of gods which changes by time to time is better hold a time for a while and let that thing description among human make understand the change of following gods nature and we love to keep some history for a known to be traditional or neo life is present to be hold for tomorrow treach preach and teach to thoughts and of a social highly civilized well being,before moving to the new as through the parameters of time or a work done through modern evolutionaries and explorations we must have a strong faith while you grow that we exist our lives in space where there is no social atmosphere we are on lively run to built something amazing that is what is our belief on one power of love as we proceed with type of life to mastering and owing space we surely will divide it in a splitting manner it is definitely occupied by you and me this space is somewhere being lived by you and somewhere by me so same again Charles Darwin's theory survival of foetus, so every human should understand better than laws are same but the mind of human should little turn to the wellbeing means should live for survival only boost upon with life and give your imaginations a way out to impregnate lives of those who are your gods lovers or god loved that is pure and ultimate light of life for vision to read this universe around yourself and would let that piece of charm come in your where only where you preach your lord,syntifically the food that is enough to live but real thoughts and deeds for all those who come to or may not come but you seem to be eager to go for while a chat a kind of relaxed moment share musical rhythm that treats your heart like ECG and the result will be satisfactory for you and I cherish a better knowledge for betterment ,typically the sum total of living style is to have godly style of life being a quite sincere to god and let other follow trend of reality a patienece,sovereignty and compassionating behavior to appreciate everything around you as soon as you work with real sense of power of knowledge you are worth by living simultaneously the job of life is to gather a part social and tech concept of modern behavior while as newer generations are still learning how to get in technocrats so for future life technology is more evident and intelligent as necessary a being a food for survival all the tech is carried out through human brain tested from labortary animals but this tech is held in man and the driving force will and renewable source of designed engineered products fall in gadgets or technologically oriented human tech machines, generally the mass of an object is trained to human to better understand the gravity that keep us attached to each other may some attachments emotional,physical,else these processes are existing everywhere but not at the 0 zero gravity that is in outer space where we normally held devices drones,satellites or telescopes in stake to be monitored and and skilled handled from the lander a land office at planet earth are these devices may be interconnected to the mars rovers with launched telescopes ,camereas,panaromic fact stories catched and relayed to planet earth or the planet mars,to the level where reach with our skill is no far now machine far so the fact is concentrate to the way where a leading and mean that destiny that you have achieved and the little portion of it is a love to your life that is yours and you can start it always with millions of meaning full missions with lot of vigiour a furious apprehension will surge you with inspirations and enthuisium we usually call it a simple phenomenon of life with a pleasure to serve calm and earn more to work more this is universal law a never-ending realities this pattern of life takes us to the higher feelings and devotions and build us with a name known as winner that never wants to loose because is always achieving a victorious projections move us to distant areas for the glory of win and we succeed it and we celebrate for all those who the god's own creations, solemnly these striations from a broader spectrum of the fancy colors will carry our fanciful thoughts to the skies of lords of heaven and always keep our place a majestic reserved to sit in convention of life avenue to glorify the real natures expressions any of the ways of its branching from a highly stout with enormous girth, with abundant leaves more of the flowers and fruits of even more of the roots of knowledge that will shall certainly live and entertain together in this or other phases of life, generally we rely on one thing that is belief a birth of living thing and its disposal we want it should remain but on the other side we don't let it live more farther or little later so this usually keeps life in check and this bar is not legal we must let to the creator never ever think against the will of creator and can have an holy oath to live for and make live that never ends. To make two ends meet we put everything at the stake of happening where the logic is wonder and the practical is real as such realities comes in a way of day today and ever of its deserving surveillance to common life among human and other general creations may hold some political approach which denote a publicity to gain everywhere till you keep some interest in a normal living, it is a sense of olfaction like you smell an essence of perfume and thus how wonder ways you ascent it with two other and feel good nature of fragenance of life as it tastes super and more beautiful one can gain an arbitrary thinking which appears as practical as it is best of the knowledge with keen intersest to love each other for god we must praise to god's wish for a cherishing nature behavior in human denote that is a realty and a matter of fact is that you must always live in social commune to define yourself as being of nature that is a simpler form of proof of living style taught with great gratitude by lord to all those who are denoted in his vice versa, all is cool as if you know all is by all god with his savoring that make a cover of working leader in a man establishes the notary virtual presentation for marvelous life to be found usually grown in all such defined creations of this and the other universes of life keep a way more to glow at any of the notations will always show your life in flying colors of the flourishing motto's and logos we are hosted with I must always appreciate with those who are existent to me and other which are nonexistent to me keep that thing of life across the nations and facts of priorties of human races in a balanced manner of life to live may we let that life descriptions in a smooth manner of persistence will always be made in priority one that is the best of the best in ever life of nonliving's moieties or living infrastructure which is not ever been fouled owner and is always there dear to god, we been always liked by our own deeds that is a generous real calamity of the living life by the aspect from a victorious side of the life will certainly give you an opportunity to put forward your will and wishes to any of the working field to attain a gravity of happiness and a cause to serve your persistent incredible natives of nations of such better implicated universes of universes as a larger inside holes in un ending tubes of skies with the fact that the life requirements and such heavenly resources will remain as primary energy sources and the space at the holes of vent with a suitable environment to live will definitely will address you in certain areas of starry skies always some day and ever your imaginations will be described in real in practice through that belief of being a loving creature of his creations to have that win of eternal fair job.