Chapter 6


The superemo of this universe is simply a god “God” is a savior of this universe it produces a supernatural creature within his demarcations of inventing line of innovations in a vast field of life biologically,mathematically,physically,chemically,any of the forms,mathematically,there of solution to problems,formulae,differentiations,integrations,values,symbols,deteminanats,matrices,addition,multiplication,division,subtractions,algebric formulae,trignometery,geometery a shapes and signs any number of numerical, numbers though the fact is whole sum we live in a geometric manner a systematic fashion of solutions with stream of quantities and qualitative aspect of life where we all believe in ourselves and almighty god with super interval of certain spectrum of band of life can be easily defined ,but never quality to make us believe in super quantity of job governed by god and his close relations of relatatives.The biological version of understanding human being is duly related to the other parameters of existing universe in order to bring a revolutionaries in human being so far, smart moves has been already made in the history of inventions and discoveries, these scientific facts are as; test tube baby(by proof. Khorana),cloning of animals later human cloning,IVF intra vetro fertilization, development of computed genetically engineered human beings, the genetically modified human,males,females, else the similar manner has been acquired by the scientific research in animals even chordate or non-chordate this research is so far also been implementedplants,herbs,shrubs,fruits,vegetables,flowers,also the course of hybridization is brought to us some space oriented cabbage from zero gravity is also been taken as food on the planet earth. since we know the facts of natural survival twilight teach us not lose your art and science and gave us an super bio-engineering idea of developing a human progeny in this era of high-tech modern medic array. the development of human progeny begins with bio-fact that an amino-acid (Nh2-Cooh) like leucine,isolucine,tryptophan,the amino amino acid for a genetic triplet codon,the cordon like ATG continues in cultures and produce genes and human genome a 52 triplet codons,the genes for nucleotides base pairs and helical double structure deoxyribose nucleic acid and ribose nucleic acid a genetic nuclear material in the nucleolus of the nucleus of the cell that is framework of basic unit of life. The genetic material condenses and form the chromosomes a thread like material the chromos divides at every interval of cell division in mitotic division of cell divides and give rise to the similar set of chromosomes “2n” and in meiotic division cell divides and give rise to differentiated ‘n” number of chromosomes .the cell passes through different phases of division and form the specific cells lines of tissues these cells originate from the parent cells and thus form the tissues in vitro or vivo. The tissues grow in different tissues form an organ till it is enriched with nutrients and essential requirements it shows a logarithmic curve of growth and lag phase, log phase and a platue and a stationary phase a1long X and Y axis x+y*.the lag phase prepares cells for division in formation of organ a logarithmic phase is phase at which the growth increases r rampant and rapid spontaneously and in stationary phase the growth of organ is statistic it does show a normal size without any hypertrophy or hypotrophy, the organs are formed from developmental stages to the epiphytical ends of long bones, stop growing and red marrow turns to brown. the development starts from the germ cell layer of cell lines ectoderm,endoderm,mesoderm.As soon as organ is formed or vasculature. Angiogenesis develops and neural innervations develops the organ the organ become a integral organ shows differentiation in development of soft to hard tissues. the organs orient themselves in the normal physiological and anatomical manner and thus development begins in vivo or vitro.