Chapter 6


The physical parameters are associated to the theme of life that is if calculate speed of light, as sir Einstein says E=mc2 where nothing travels faster than light it is practical proof to source of light sun a sun in suns of black hole an active suns the distant objects appear to us only when a light source from two natural sources appear to us particularly when sun about to set saying bye here, and hi there, as if sun goes moon appear with its illuminating star family and keep glowing the always and ever, the law of gravity, law of electromagnetic field a magnetic field all the physics laws or astrophysics can give you at least to engineer something with greater knowledge of its times,time,distance velocity,speed,acceleration, bouncy any thing exists physics of human living. all these illuminating source not natural may culminates you but not in a real manner of soul illuminating feeling of work pleasure is defined in physics an elaborated phenomenon of ray optics, reflection and refraction a florescence by faraday’s law. The current potential,light,mass of an object, generation of power,inductance,capacitance,resistance,impedence all that is a well defined character of physical laws of this nature, the orientation of the planets revolving against each other and creating a momentum of defined form can bring us a millionth of change in this kind of living at any existence of day and night period particularly a focus on twilight, put us in little effort to work but abundant bountiful appreciation in practical experiences. The energy is soul source of survival either cold energy or heat energy both these cases are explained as if nature has made our win from every side of this universal, though the network internet backbone is physical laws and the knowledge and learning is been spread through a invention by charley Babbage (computer),these devices are processing analytical displaying devices which communicates through Cisco and about a 70% sea and ocean network and other part of it is 30% in space network. The internet faculty is solution to all as the text, solutions ,problems,meanings,definitions,calculations,analysis, and other in reach and out of reach parameters are in your vast era of deipation,means you can visualize your books text any you want in world wide web sites from any the universes that is discovered so far or other which is uncovered yet. Twilight is a key to survival as it differentiating day and night, similarly it differentiates life and death it is pure form of understanding and example changing the part of environment in dark and light absolutely a wondering strange atmosphere, where you got to prepare for illuminating dark phase of the alternative dark and light phenomenon, similarly as the last phase dying pages of twilight we prepare to pray for tomorrow morning to appear at least with abundant sun light in our behalf so, can make merry of our being in supermoms cover of blessings ,this fact can never be denied that we should always have that sense of preparations a building of doing something, give growth to our thinking and pray to lord to lead to us the wanted sites and devoid us from unwanted sites, the power of hard work and better understanding a pause that is just to appear in a pink little reddish skies as if sun says to leave and development of crescent later in half moon ,and finally a full can give us pleasure of discrimination in skies surface where we on planets like earth,mars,or other or may be in inventory space orbit can prepare us for disciplinary fashion of making an art from acrylic or show it to people with better simple sense of meaning all these notations are physical and chemically behaved that is a last streak of light that falls on water source or any other fresh water body give a charming highly illuminating shining stations and spiral colored waves, that changes from wave length VIBGYOR,in increasing wave length to the descending fashion of 400l-750l is infra red. the pleasure of experiencing violet indigo blue green yellow orange and red and infra red all the wave lengths are self dominating that appear pleasure us to the eyes and fill up the body with synthesis of certain necessary chemicals and these chemicals are best released and synthesized at the time interval of ending day and appearing nightfall this thesis is best been understood and mentioned to nature of laws where chemical balance is certain, that is the chemicals are normally being defined as those which form the matrix and mineralization, the normal matrix in human or other living being is particularly formed from proteins known as collagen fibers ,collagen fibers are itself made up of amino acids and amino acids are itself made of amines and acids for example from Nitrogen ,Oxygen, and Hydrogen (nh2cooh),this chemical formulae of unit life is fundamental and gives a chemistry to the twilight theme as the colors of skies, composition of atmosphere is sole source as Nitrogen-75%, Oxygen-24%,Carbon-0.01% and other traces these chemicals have better impact on ever that comes its way of life, these chemicals later give rise to the collagen bundles with addition of impregnated vitamin –c that is also a chemical substance known as ascorbic acid, a reducing substance in a formulae where the exposure to sun synthesizes vit-d give rise to mineralization to the tissues that means the chemicals and minerals which are defined so far, found in the chemistry of human body all derived from the natural source are being discovered in planet kike mars other than planet earth though the quantitively and qualitivitly status of minerals and chemicals is certainly required for the growth of human and other exotic creatures, phosphorus and calcium, traces of silicates,zinc,t3,t4,copper,iron,fluorides,vit-b complex,vit-a-d-e- etc.these parameters help us in development of normal human body as for as the scientific knowledge is concerned with respect to hold a time to perform an experiment that is never letting you down it is creations of god we are giving it shape in manner if twilight a chemical thesis of twilight that will certainly fill you up with excitements and show a certainly a path of right in life ways will never deviate you from the path of success the key to your healthy brain view an d its utilization in proper manner will none the less concern on you just a visual virtual automation of mind that keep you cool and technically keep you firm sound to what you want and what you desire will certainly come to you just like a robonaut come to you a single command with bountiful tasks. The composition of human being varies in proportion from day to night and to the intervals of life time ,normally the aging of human is associated with less exposure to cold, may be poor self to some handicapped ,dementia,insomnia,intolerance more than a that is a age factor but if you dedicatedly expose yourself to twilight you will have that earning phase of life where there is no heart no cold only a pleasure and meaning to live, The chemicals of brain certainly dopamine,adrenaline,gaba and else like endorphins are best described in brain function ,other than this the basic fundamentals are like potassium, sodium particularly in neurons are certainly exchanging themselves across the membranes and develop an action potential in case of polarization,depolarization,and repolarization that is why there is a voltage gates across this is fact that any of the impulse is being carried from one part to other, though this impulse give us a notion to feel and elaborate there is a sensation in optical nerve to the optic chaisma which make us see day and night such impulse just a exchange of these neurotransmitter may be at synaptic ends body to body or to the dendrites or any axons, the understanding is distinguishing feature of twilight to the other phases of life to live, why not light and dark phase only if velocities of light is more than anything else that 3-10-8m/sec this how we define adaptation to atmosphere and our visual or body chemistry ids nowhere impaired it is heavenly visualization of physical and chemical phenomenon that makes us distinguish and experience the twilight different than anything else as the neural potential varies from one interval to the other with the fact you are in shade ire in sun light.