Chapter 10


The water aqua life for man is serving food,maintain food chain a flora and fauna,a source of plentifull water the life to travel in ships cruises and more of sea life is salt derivation,gems,oils from hydro carbons,a planatation over coastal lines and some derivations of travel mode across the continents goods carrying cargo and even a best of transport from ancient times, life is for reality to explore more at the aqua a longer larger water bodies that carries a to the highest understanding levels of pier a liquid its reheology and uses and its in general importance a cooling agent to planet and for the people who live in with normal temperature of body 36 degrees,an automotive mechanism of heumectant a vehicle itself,the different coloration of water determines us some where depth of the water and also the composition of the water and at the places fast flowing a flow will make it clear not less appreciable when you get closer at twilight a sun be more of the flat at sea end a hum of music will be at the waterfalls and riveres a birds you will find at pond and spring will source the fountains colored fountains is a miracles of real living.The growth of human being is sparse in different specification of oriented theme as the a brain neurons are born once and does not regenerate means does not take any formation in all the stages of life but the scientific fact is that neurons grow in number in adulthood research assumptions are these neurons are evident in hippocampus part of brain that are usually responsible and meant for learning and memory other clearifications are that the musical lessons can improve the neuronal connections will sensitize the norms of functional arrangements of neurons thus the accreditation of brain frame work and its operating mechanisms is a technical rhyme of propogation of certain waves as a change of impulse in a one to other,brain usually care and orient and move that thesis of atlas and axis to rotate and mobilize the all controlling mechanisms and hold a higher position CNS in human systems,normally energy is burnt and a body is moved that comes from the chemistry of body synthesis of chemical compounds that release an abundant energy to be worked far,if you describe a theme as a flame of real burning a combustable substance like butane it can be better mentioned in different portions a visualized well defined layers like outer blue then red,yellow and inner most black from carbon least burnt this aim of higher efficiency is to get a blue flame with maximum temperature more than 1100 degrees can reduce the energy loss in terms usage in biological or non biological purpose such creativities are excavated from power of higher studies of subject concern in a mind of human a place where all that is built is volatile but is resumed by itself with a miniature interaction will easily flare us to the nothing loss and add up some abundance for later experiments in a genius of wellbeing.The scientific procceedures are better laid for prospective knowledge and the illustrations are to better understand the methodology of a conditions in a clinical practice are as such like there are more than hundereds of way responsible for headache may be because of migrane,is short lived minutes to hours to days or to years,some headache are because of visual disturbances,some are because of pain killers or may be because of sleeping disorders,also because trauma internal or external,so many other reasons socio-related,or a abuse of insult.These parameters that define us the closure of life in different aspects conclude the general apprehension of living and induce the power of visualizations to live free and can treat the cause may prevent from evil that is a cure in a duration of fraction time man can change individuality from good to bad all that is in a fashion of expected conclusive,liberal globalization at the edge of universal type will be malleable in the forms are earned expressions will lead us to more precise understanding of scientific regime,carefully a human or the associations with some libral or geniuine tech associates is a at most the glory a presentation to the presently made or later to be there more appropriate in the senses of sensible human families of times can pass a image of already formed to the space ways of path for future galactic universal a galactic universe some times open at the ice end lead us to live for real,such heavy galaciers and constellations of stars glaze over the symetery of circular a semicircular dome which elaborates the network sky already a formed from the electromagnetic waves a gamma rays from a distant star family can accumulate a power of universal data to us in more than a ecabytes usually this is brightest part of packs of energy from up to the moon of mars,satarun,or phobos of Jupiter,Neptune these energy packs serve us over to illuminate martial lands,Neptune or other planetial surface simultaneously lodge the network skill from distant galaxies as well that preach us and inform us with proper knowledge of skies away with universes in the form of pictures,some kind of samples of soil,rock or a ice,or water impression a nebula,stars stary diagrams,composition of air life existence all such nodes of long rosary with the beads of universes are day by day better made and happen to us a unit of celebrations of explorations such power to held a common vision and most of visionary mission to perform it for certain devotion of sensual and sipiritual meaning forms a back bone of a expedition.