Chapter 11


The concept of development at the positive end of human favor is extremely a fair end with a sincere knowledge and being savior to its own work suddenly there is claim for rising high an inner being a mind and soul programmers the data and let it as per the programming the present strata is that programmed in your electronic device or a kind of lens put over spectacles or may be embedded beneath the skin or a device can better put in ultrasonic or laser one that recollects and facilitates you with information and make your programmed data in work and can nowhere be insulting you from an act, similar creations have better illustrated to those who are handicapped and need some artificial fabrications for the better care the compositional bio compatible substance a plasticized material will replace it as normal there are other modes to fulfill the shortcomings in an individual usual a generalized therapy to those who are in need, to maintain the aesthetic glare over a medical facilities here is a wide range of possibilities for necessasities in a places to be inheritably meant for public purpose, some cosmetic approach will confine with a expression of wellbeing and can give a feeling of a better man, since the peace is certain the theme is to the understanding at the higher levels of ongoing knowledge of prospective the period of intervals at the times of sun related initiation as a night filled with stars will give us a priority to spread our knowledge through the stars and more of consetteletions will guide us to the universes of the universal era. The twilight theme is better put in words and is observed from the fact that the life is never at the false end and is a real example of a divine power god within, commonly the factual verses are to be lived for ever where ever life denotes the twilight there we are with this eternal theme living as a one professional sophisticated practical and more of the disciplined, the doctrine of this era of twilight is carry an eternal flame of success and is keen to be fell in trust a mark of reaspect in the mean course the supremo to the life is a handler god and is also a care taker a maintains an eternal relation with thence the popularity can be gathered from and spread in packets of science space, health environment, law tech,many other fields more than a books is all that to form a well designated human being in a era of the universes.