Chapter 7

Lauching Earth

The fact of rocks water snow earthen material, plants are geo substance and althea which is at the axis of these parameters turn us to move history a functional knowledge and a disciplinary memorandum to the world around us and we teach and get taught by natural calamities and give a sense of feeling and understanding in this day to day an tomorrow piece of life, we inspire and expire for our expiratory function of living similarly we need a light for vision and food defiantly as a fuel to our living cells and give us a functional feel of locomotion that by means of physics we do some work else we have some emotions and un explained and un mentioned an unscripted talent that also has a requirement of certain needs and tees needs are well to us but we don’t share if share it we don’t get it, it is till that form of living you have and host it we elaborate it at times that that is a secret dedication it is like strength within you potentiates only by adding and host in and learning and experiencing within you and make better purposeful of this dedication is what you find only what you desire that is there loaded with dedication, the preformed plan or are memorandum give you a true value a tactical pleasure that comes to your life in the for pleasure packets you glow with it and form other useful packets of happiness is doc revels and else is living a long version of docs,as you are aware of the factual position good reveals with good only do good and find a real pure nurture from a lord that is being a super being in the creatures of god kingdom, get lots of lots of regards from all around and you will get that compassion within you of living independent.A political affair that can never be mislead or mis guide in whole generations by beaurocrats,diplomats ,republicans,liberals,democratic seculars and else indigenous and externals have that impact caliber and impression our society of living beings particularly the human beings are the key factor of this political to maintain the life and death a toll of survival for being as per place and the necessary food grains they are dependent on, this gives a clue of calculations and estimation to the life in different aspects at different planets with different appropriate strata of existence in all the things such moiety are god created with help of god we go for a mission of living in this competitive rushing period of world era though we don’t fall nor can go above the almighty’s wish and grace we just balance an equilibrium is maintained everywhere where ever it is discovered uncovered or covered portion of it can better be explored else more and implored ,implotted and exaggerated in the growing sufficiently observable and sustainable manner of human and human associated universes that are better sufficiently filled with joy, happiness an exploration of newer universes to open the chain for newer generations, calamities and necessarily required living autotrophies or chemical composed precursor of mineral also more or less defined all the creations of god can give futurous inimaty,a way out a path for glories of glory of small portion of universal facts or the billions of universes still unexplored we grow in a manner of succession and we keep praising day by day time to time to the that we want to live new and newer a life that never ends to the darken skies glorious enlightment of lovely biocompatible blue skies and those volcanoes that melt deep in the core of planet from the surface of crest will teach an abundant source of sulphur,iron,copper,gold,diamond beneath sea surface,oils,hydrocarbons,iron,coal,titanium,quartz billions of well differentiated chemical and mineral substance will are fully engorged with this precious substance an inheritance of snow water,plants, what else not can be defined we a quite rich by the source but we need to feel it within and treat with as sharing with a sharer a God.All that we appreciate gods precious legacy is very small and less of it to be utilized any of the more than 300 billion light years away from a generations what we are living in the fact that we want more,there is lot for you and me keep your mind open let that rich inheritance come your way make you fill up with joy of achievement.The main fundamental of understanding the time of life is just a sort of short span programme in human body particularly hosting in human brain,that the life is not more than a 100 years at maximum this concept is just explained by biologists and divide in a different phases of span of life,but do not want progress it in higher values of age limit in more than 200 years double of it as been calculated,if really give a chance to happen it will definitely be above the expected calculations this theoretical and support by practical means is may there is some imperrrission of life that survival requirements are exhausting for example like food,chlothes to wear,place to live,air we breath,inspire or expire,or may be some natural requirement ceases.The work we are upto make a point of survival in gladly manner by just focusing on a single theme of TWILIGHT.that will guide us to prove a life pretty long beyond human imaginations at any of the universes against all the odds and short comings,the example for an unending or improving the life span is increasing the the time span of mitotic division a prophase stage to quantitively and qualitatively cell division,though apart from this other factors are highly mannered profile of life style,also there is a biotech designed life with detailed description of whole genome and the functional regulatory mechanism to hold an eternal survival.The power belief of human face no challenge in him because you are in massive herd a capability to help each other never to the thoughts of distort we have a capacitance of live together only because of similar traits and probability of understanding each and making proposals of developments and projections of clearing the necessary data regarding any of the subject that keeps an human interest.