Chapter 9


Modern generations are at the verge of urge where they compete for nothing but somewhere wants design this universe by facts technological approach at any of the times want bring some dissolution opportunities in real devices of tech usage that keeps a check in a product it is been necessary everywhere and the field of machine ways to incorporate the basic formulae for human..

Chapter 10


The green world is as usual a life source to all and is most ecologically friendly to any of the universes this strata take a tour of life in a different worlds of life a living host also has non living compositional behavior like iron in a green spinach or among human you will find an iron,or calcium such compositional traces are counted to distinguishing feature ..

Chapter 11


Mount surface of a one side of mind is to launch a thought of wellbeing same as similarly a white color dominates other in shine a brightness but the red color is been seen in bold and high intensity a feature is property and can be correlated with other facts like good and best that is how tech vision is to go over to new and a legacy is a fact of old ..

Chapter 12


universal twilight is intermingled as there is a rotationary means a momentum can be detected as balance in a scale can move around without harm is always around spaces of existence a fair communication to the intercontinental and inter galactical,interuniversal will shine you and your ideas glow you with a capacity to serve and preach,teach and pray ..