Chapter 5


Thus your creativity wants me to teach those who are away from you or by your side and teach and serve them sweet blessings from your majesty and feeling of open mindedness so they rely on your divinity a power that never lessens which holds us to grow, just fetus in the mother’s womb for at least nine (9) months.

Chapter 6


The superemo of this universe is simply a god “God” is a savior of this universe it produces a supernatural creature within his demarcations of inventing line of innovations in a vast field of life biologically,mathematically,physically,chemically,any of the forms,mathematically,thereof solution to ..

Chapter 7


The powerful product that imparts power anywhere somewhere in space shuttles and in a launch or launching satellites for communicative skill purpose all that is required is energy a renewable source of energy that is eternal sun which certainly solarizes the solar plates of satellites thus generates energy a potential in batteries and is reserved for usage while the satellite moves from automotive force and is controlled from Landers in sky and planet earth or other planets.

Chapter 8


The practical impact is infinite requirements to be discovered for life to be lived in modern times of this perspective is key factor for an impression of not ending life, this work up together will never bring a saturation of ideologies or thoughts, or a work power some devotions a manner of prayer a faith and a will to live a life to share with a glare with disciple as a human a special being a respect an honor, following features of life give reasonable advice and a suggestion a platform to any of open minded person to wish to live for ever.