Chapter 4


The destiny is all the we have and what we master ultimately a doctrine. It’s the only pass way to give your self the best an ever and to be proved will give your self a beautiful being that is a human being. Its only the universe around the whom you are related with to touch through the multi universal a formed universal network at the best elaborated higher and advanced technical sciences it’s just there a proof of super natural professional and a merry of being precious desires and a glom of substance that is not stoppable increases in successive manner as the heavenly bodies are summarized to the realistic space heaven since the touch is perpetual the description is allied the facts evident and the truth is in confrontation and the positive attitude is attaining a place at the higher piers of Lord. A usual connective of a canopy god is revelation and a belief is hope these terms are better understood by a fact of being sincere to al Lord as expecting a day of judgment a full bloomed exploitation exerations of the all universe. This is what bee and hive till eternity fill up with nurture and natural surrounding associate nourishment though the cyclic manner of mastering of god administrating of survivor. This part of sensation in quit sensible and highly dependent upon the quality sense of geniuses such creations give a universe a conquering attitude within him and show that the life to live is one. This means to us that the world around as the lovely people with lively festivities and a popular care for themselves and certainly for others always for future progeny and will provide us a reason for praying for living for preach for teach for everything must me fair faith else most an equilibrium is obtained completely balanced equation of life that is all to the all those nations of all worlds of all spacious universes a sweet blessings from a God a single being. The nature of life in this text dominates the divine presence of god to the people and every moiety o this universe and appreciate any movements of time with a scientific, philosophical, literal natural more influential upon any of defined verse of human knowledge, or any age of time to differentiate it with the real and text understanding that a theme of exaggeration power of twilight defines the extraordinary indulgence in the best of God’s wish. The memorandum of exploring it to everyone each and everything that is existing now or was existing or will be further discovered by the power of knowledge and a man’s will, not to fall, just rise and rise above till the survival of the universes, will definitely boost yourself with spirits and thoughts and energetic waves of God’s will and your desirable wish certainly for your success and priority in social and non-social activities to the almost best of it. The basic aim of indulgence of scientific, particularly medicinal approach to understanding is not underestimated the scientific facts which is better understood by knowledge of simpler means of a miraculous act is core up a back bone of this universe it creates an extraordinary aspect a wide field for a exploration that usually causes an unexpected expressions of practical life, a man’s dynamic power of explaining in simple manner to any one that exists in a kind of pathway of quest a quest that never ends for knowledge a kind of elaboration a sort of expierncing a learning newer things expressing in legal sweet understanding way have a billions of way to choose a subject of heavenly existence and an expression of god’s fact in the world of defined well described as understood one will a man be alive there because of its own surveillance card of being only human will be his eternal life for generations.atleast man can be distinguished from among colors a different feature a parameter waves ,sounds, feel the eternal love path towards himself and for other all that is real and related. The general phenomenon of putting those things to you to give a feel of pleasure a pleasant beam a wish that make you and can live you without pain a free atmosphere where your mind explores new innovates implores and give eternal beauty a chance to be there always and forever, and compassionate of happiness at any moment of time can distinguish you from the dawn.midday,and twilight and dusk a night or may be mid night sun somewhere,whereevere astronautically attached by means of different telescopes for impression,huuble,webber’s,spitzer’s,keppler’s/,so we get pictures or space shuttle may pass through those active suns with more than a 180 moon’s discovered so furor may intrude through a galactic ring a fiery ring also a constellations, stars network and planets and explanatory groove or may defines quintillions of universes that is an existing natural borne handsome to incoming generations, the fact is to except that we live in a world of advancement we tend to hope to live to the maximum heights of living strata a style at any of the places anytime in a life’time.A known process to every human being is living and survival, a sustaniance,a provider and a systemic rhythm that a, showering blessing upon all the creations and moieties of the universes, the universal truth as fact is that we live to serve and we earn to save a feeling of substantial aspects of time and interval of certain spectrum of band of life can be easily be defined but never fall, the super power a will a wish a devotion , a determination, an autonomous life to live at any cause among the strata of universal climates and a maximum theme of survival and life appreciation to incredible outstanding passion of understanding when and then each other is beauty of text, which usually translates a transaction of knowledge from one to other beings. The ultimate understanding is 300billion light years (300 billion light years) old is estimated is far more that a single light year = is equal to (124 earth years )one hundred twenty four earth years, the universe is much more defined at time frequency, a light source sun coming from a black hole a long black glow tube comprises of millions and billions of suns where there are active suns to be explained as a planetary enlighten source.Inspite of the fact the stars in constellations of galaxies are light sources bodies but usual for across difference means distances from known planetary vision the stars are glazing ,shining bodies ,mostly comprised of elements like Hydrogen-1 & He-2 with atomic no.1 is hydrogen and ,atomic no.2 for helium these essential elements comprise a shining moiety a substance as hydrogen glowing gas a star with demarcations like a angular circle with a triangular momentum . and so far the age is calculated as a billion of light years where the star dissociates it produces a star wreck that forms a planet to live so far many of the planets has been discovered derived from such synthesis of natural processes generally the stars don’t quit their life as these celestial bodies shine reach to the maximum burn out at a collision to the other star or may lose at times its process of glow in a unsatisfactory manner where an body lose its nuclear core to spread the material left for a new growth of life although this is a fact there is appearance of nebula at times and the wavy sky give us a evidence of star wreck that ultimately mingles with the existing core for a crest as a single planet.