Chapter 4


As usual a star fragmentation produces hydrogen and helium a light fragments and a dust around give rise to a well defined planet a planet with oval,circular,spherical where an substance holds a law of circular motion with planetary or explanatory will happen in true form will remain in some orbital fashion with respect to the forces of in ways (centripetal) and away (centrifugal).Thus live in a balanced array and lives from 0 degree – 360 degrees can host life by its nature of atmosphere can give rise to the life of well-defined an unending type, this exploration of reality from astronautically knowledge is associated to the distinguishing feature of twilight at any of the time related with atomic or nuclear in a planetary fashion of billionaire stars to infinite relation. As an individual seeks for knowledge he seeks for wisdom and seeks for lively existence, gives rise to the path for other to learn, to earn to seek realty and teach other a life of presidency and honor. This fundamental way of life that always serve and is fair by his mind and soul transmit his or her view to the people any autotrophic substance that can easily be shown to us in the form of growth, a growth factor oriented phase of life which gives an idea there is someone a something that carries growth of life and really a thought an imagination to create an undiscovered creations that are going to be the part of this universe and guidelines to the universes so, that a logic can be put in practical to the newer generations where else there may be methodical thesis and proven practical to us can attain same fashion to the next succeeding forthcoming universal array .These notation of life to the mentioning for common people or a men with extraordinary divine ,imaginations and correlate them to their own is a pure form of knowledge to be delivered probably a reason to mention a bold fact a Twilight Theme which is just a small part of knowledge worth departing from a knowledge bank depot to any of existing creature, pertaining to reality ,development, growing tall, standing tall in a mass ,being attracted from all the directions any microenvironment established to the existence a scientific approach of distinguishing color creed,tribe,any classes all are equal never discrimination a sun ,moon, sky everything equal belongs to us never felling down to the day or night just a demarcation at day and night lovely feeling of master of masters of natural phases of life that is a description an understanding a volubility and meaning of life kind which is day and night, you can say visible DAY~SUN~TWILIGHT~A DIVINE POWER~NIGHT ~MOON~STARS a simulation of a truth an evident chaos. This phenomenon of description of sky in multiple fashion is inspiring divine structural power, that structure us our body and a soul gives a us a definite shape a frame of mind a piece of sensual mind with peace and liberty freedom prosperity to serve anywhere for our fellowmen a creations of universe to put forever a forward trend it to those who are away from god’s mercy and we bless them with with their blessing and sprinkle a shower of best deeds with a beautiful blessings an everlasting love and a growing nature in them in the shadow of god and its pure pious devotes so attain some merciful blessings to be among one as a person to grow his majesty to any of the creations may be living or non-living subject of matter as as descriptive form of legal manner better explained at any of frequency of life. As your power of majesty is in everything ‘oh God”. I respect your majesty and supremeness which is always and ever there, to those who believe in you or not ,I beg your pardon “god “I want to teach those who want it and are in a quest to understand your existence from any of the approach with a sweet sophisticated manner by just taking a normal path of a normal human being that lead on preaching of your glare an intercept of thoughts that definitely gloom in a tremendous energy of celebrations at wellbeing of ever fabricated antique the expression here only to put forward is better defining and elaborating nothing in lost in learning being civil it adds up some kind existence with a respect for all, those your own as want your power of praying you at any of the conditions that what keeps us to crave to knowledge of god that is abundant and never depleting, I always want you to love those who need your attention whether they love you are not, that a human need seeking but is always away from helping hand a care that never ends a loneliness that should never be there, a sharing that should always be there, and a hand to hand love an exchanging view will grow our heart with happiness will certainly want to be your way, I want to dominate your existence in of the universes of creations and will provide a paper of real evident truth that is in favor of you to declare as a single creator held up with you is a merry making site and can be sure that the lord is all the single creator and will be there for sure. A general knowledge means a knowledge in general but doesn’t mean a knowledge of god a god is you and you don’t know yourself because you in phase of life may be child, adult, or old age so you can’t pretend or prejudice anything if you are adult you can never predict about old age but the fact is god’s power know it in a technological means or certainly a biological experimental faith or a divine faith future perception.