Chapter 12


A complete human being shows normal functioning of all the physiological systems:

  1. 1. Nervous system from neuroglial cell lines.
  2. 2. Integunental system from stratified sqaamous epithelium.
  3. 3. Vascular system from cardiac & smooth muscle cells.
  4. 4. Excretory system from stratified columnar epithelium & transitional epithelium.
  5. 5. Respiratory system from stratified ciliated columnar epithelium.
  6. 6. Digestive system from stratified squaamous system.
  7. 7. Genitial system from stratified squaamous columnar epithelium.
  8. 8. Locomotive system stratified columnar epithelium hard & soft tissue.
  9. 9. Visual system stratified columnar epithelium.
  10. 10. Vestibulo chocler system from stratified squaamous epithelium &
  11. 11. Auditory system labyrinthine membrane.

All the system of human body can be explained separately & their correlation with the other system. Central nervous system (CNS) is mass of neurons in the cranium covered by cranial vault. A hard bone & the brain is left safe in cranium & commeasured by flax and other carriage bony projections .Since the mass of head is 3 ½ kg which is held over the axis of a bone atlas by the muscles & ligaments & internally lives in Forman magnum through the medulaoblongata of posterior neuronal group of neurons with dorsal & ventral roots form a spinal cord covered in three layers piameter durameter & arconide meter.The brain has frontal, temporal, parital, ospital lobes these are commushered by stutters as does few stutters appear on new natal to adult skull, coronal suture & saggital suture some point of meeting in adult skull are near bregma and the highest points over frontal bone are glabila on either side of just above the forehead.The skull is covered by a part of integmantal system known as scalp through with fronto occipital muscle is present and provides strength and resilience to scalp below the subaerolar layer. The physiological function of brain is to maintain the integrity of all systems like locomotive voluntary and involuntary actions .Anatomic & non anatomic functions release of essential hormones from pituitary gland resides in sella turcica of anterior cranium from hypothalamus adenophysis and neurophysis which is separated by intermediate layer called pars intermediary . The hormones perform essential and important functions of human body and release under the control of higher centers like growth hormone releasing hormone releasers growth hormone in pituitary gland. It is an endocrine gland and pours its secretions directly into the blood. The memory center situated in the middle and partial anterior region of brain is responsible for the cognition center I,e; over the vast and latter stages of part of a brain that keeps the reflexes independent for lifetime. Such capacity of a brain stores a visual writing auditory verbal tactical by touch hearing are even a perception and a memory of conclusion and configuration as a carbon copy. Thus it remains as a blue print of the memory in the memory centre of mid brain permanently at any ages of lifetime. This kind of activity can be stimulated and potentiated by just an initiating stimulus of threshold. The brain has ultimate function of controlling and communicating with spinal cord and maintaining the equilibrium of the body.

Inteugmental System:

The physiological and anatomical function and appearance to the approach is the largest system of the body covering the entire body such type of system is more important and essential for the human survival and differential from the other beings and can produce a variation from a single being too other . This type of body system provides us with an innate immunity and provides us with natural immunity which is an inborn capacity of human being and will define us in different colors of skin texture. This system is wholly & solely made up of muscles membranes dermis skin glands herricules erectorpilli muscles in the bulb of haor follicle. A resilience by connective tissue and protein fibrils certain sweat pores to maintain salt & water exchange mostly for temperature regulation. Thus the shape and look to the human body is attained from it and it provides a protective immunity against diseases and is a part of defense system. Anatomically it is a hard and strong system with valuable cover of human form of aesthetics. The few parts of the integmantal system are deciduous e.g.; nails hairs superficial skin and few are variable pedicure and manicure this process will give us a look of well being.