Chapter 3


This could be never forgotten we are one 1 that is all the twilight briefing produces calmness and charmless and give a definite cool description to the atmosphere of bio life . the beneficial purpose of all that we do in a day to day life is recognizes us in you and your initiates and give u a cause to live and favor to joy and happiness and off course a well human being the desires are never last they are there and are done but u need to be true to everything comes in your way this way you judge yourself where you are wrong where your or light and can mend your distorted infrastructure towards only how a right way which brings a frame of normal creative mind and give you a way to live upon the world and go on with the world of love admiration fascination affection and infatuation that dominates the ill frame work and shares happiness and keeps you gaining and winning all the class of briefs and beliefs is meant though to prove exactly and this hole hope is always been in skies are planets like earth or other the theme fashion of compositional point of view is same of inventions and discoveries to be there .this theme cud not be unreal it is always real and never lasting a main aim of this theme is faith a, unity , love and multifactorial closeness and this gives show to the world and brings never any disaster at the time you have given a wrong signal , but the right I am show you right back , god verses this low grade temper of world is not good but you must enjoy and give joy a chance and never lasting aims of life this grew in your hearts to flow with rhythm and rhythm is diving and not in exception this is how life goes patience and perseveres is great phase treat to the world at times and fill up with joy that is god , god saying not human says anything u do is never above the nature that is all nature never above it .these creations are humanly also but not virulent to any progeny of world or any kind of structural meant infrastructure it is a life to live not to let die and it gives you chance to greet yourself by your own deeds this grace takes you over and above all and let you never down and give you nature and natives optimistic positive approach towards the world the global aim is to maintain balanced phenomena and to come over it , this is a word from ever u say and go with it this cud not be harsh , or banish it must be smooth and cool and calm and lead it to for word direction in always collateral balance this gives u a virtual power of love and cross you over the piers of evil , this what you can appreaiciate a twilight for certainty the mean of virtual power of living in this world is to be meant for everything the goodness in you craves you inside to do good things the lovable and companionate and passionate nature in your showers and flows free in this time you go beyond for the imagination and creations that takes you to the ultimate goal which is ever ending eternal with full of pride that you have for all this is why the way we do and go with worldly and non worldly fleet of the matter and achieve the achievements and necessities you prefer the calling of nature brings you close to you and you repress yourself your way and gain the dignitary and respect very where this is forever to us and let and let we always glow and cheer each other for the fame and familiarity of newer things. The best effort you ever desire is your inner man who bring you right path and make you as much as good as you are the dashing divinity on the soul the greatness is raised and exaggerated to the level of understanding and prosperous happiness all around the glowing theme is forever which never ends and is for all those who aspire and be great to themselves and others this spirit of life carries you forward across the existing beings and you always through enjoying and chasing it till stars shine; it is the time when you are above the stars and this is your greatness and eternity for the people and nations to this is warmth greet to all and to exercise their brains of livingness and pride , the grace you achieve is this world only yours none else , you are there to whom it is concern the logical way of living in this era among the people of world will shine and glow day by day to be a great personality ever . The majority of expectation and intuitions are legal and true this creates the better the ever and you called it love. and logical defines pause to which the world keep moving on this the revolving world of learning of love you give back and keep a viscous circle of moving in the figure you are out everywhere and fill up year by year the light years of soul Solomon values of grace and cheerfulness the quality of life on time is the best of thinking and that makes you one and make you always happy that you show and care to be perfect and perfection of yours always takes you to higher levels of success and you will be the successful ever always . the time close being in the world are in the time ever source you move with everywhere anywhere that means there is life thrashing and astro nourshing a humanity to be explained to the world outside if they do any there is sovereignty and management of peoples to discipline where the devices of operation exists all the way that is favorable to the profile of human being quite contrast from other this is not known to the people unless and until the thought must be brought in for a practical purpose among humanly worlds of words in a manner that is true and truth the path we follow for a faith and normal survival among the abnormities of whole universe this could be the one part of the world where you can overtake but on the other hand you accept the demand of helping people by any means this would be less different for doctrine to give a chance among the people of since of doctrine and the thesis of expenses of studies reaches to the generation to the generation to carry the process of close being to the dawn site any depart will be physiologically placed over the eras that we explore with and give a way to come bent and undertake the key of success without any lies which is being well judicially solved , this is not the whole creation of creator , it is just a never ending pleasure in terms of notes to be felt within you always and ever , you may not go back but my attraction to the quest of knowledge in witness of god will always engage you in real pleasure of life with comfortable relief and resistance as it is a call that you never miss to follow yourself. Theme is practically the sillouttheing heierchical name to anything about anywhere solemnly a kind letter from a nature to its surroundings the unending propagation of clue of life is cool class of nature in comparison to other, as a matter of fact the geological factor is certainly a meaning to extraterrestrial existences may influences the locomotors activities at different planet like planet Mars with a athletic rovers to define reality of nature, it is just feeling of calm or cool turnaround that make what you form to this way or other, you could entertain and complete your task where there is your focal length a time perform means any schedules and scheduled necessities of work is no curse no lost.