Chapter 3


There is always gain and choices to cope up and to reach to the top of climax in any of known or un-world. This world has beautiful has beautiful people inside and they rise with majestic obsession though there everybody rise with spirit of love for glory of nature creations and definition of allocation of its fragmental course to fabricated in manner to build upon the one after other. These seem to be an extraordinary hum and blow that blew and flow to rhythm and breeze to loud your nerves, and you flow with life and go with an animation and intimation an invitations from the one a “lord” till you create certain creations a creature to be associated with your genome a characters will take you to the deepest inner realities of this part of the world and life of survival. you start loving it understanding and making it eternal an all to aftermath infinite coverage of this whole universe may through high power telescopes, hubble, spetizer or panoramic pictures can fill us with a lot of experimental success an give a innovation chance to celebrate newer discoveries and inventions as if we are still not yet 0.000000001% discovered of these extra galactacial sciences of more than billions to trillions of light years away. This is not the way we are together never dominated nor stake a wavy fashion of glowing, splitting short intervals of time and the understanding of nuclear and atomic clock for understanding time period by scientific means. The life that exists in living creatures other human beings is better disciplinary and oriented among the herd go life of living things, although the non living things do exist in but they this way or other they form a precursor to the bring living this in their orientation bio-survival, the fact is only these kind of moieties are self satisfactory and self predominant and self appreciating that keeps meaning in precious way of learning. Flow across the miles and shines likes raising a rising star in sky. The sky will glow nearer or sooner we will be part of it and in this we will all love to it unending as it is a evidence of supernatural power of god that you can feel get energized loved but can’t be grabbed for all will be always there for just like a mother’s lap treating a kid for a successful disciplined growth, to stand tall among other fellowmen as sir Darwin’s theory survival of fetus that is all that a man has to defend for his existence and survival, pray and pray for survival my lord teach us a lesson and other never to fall compete us in your lap of flowers never examine us to feel the pricks of thorns teach us before we lose give us a win to hold till you our and other universes and times survival is that is you my almighty, shine and shine for us and all. The world keep moving and rolling like a rollercoaster everything means anything that comes your way it goes on and on till you want experience by yourself as your life exists but the scientific facts are to convince and make you believe with evidences and witnesses that destiny’s has been created and been chased a fulfilled criteria of the self being, later the generations and generations came and are coming to existences will certainly give strong solid predatory text or an experiment a lab passed structure or life formed in vivo or vitro means will be motivating subject to this genera but later technologies and experimental thesis and practical work will come in front of your as real that never can challenge is itself a proof of forthcoming states of infinite(I) lives and the worlds around it. The destiny we go on to the right necessary to be the path and part where we certainly have a right to live. by the time the elaboration of the knowledge in descriptive manner as if life is being regenerated from unending source the researchers are still on a work to extend life span more than a 180 yrs but the fact is life goes on and is to be practiced in a general lively society ,the calamity of universal behavior for the continuity of the trend as far away from a starry network to the different constellation of networks of their inbuilt power of operation for not only providing light by their glowing nature but the fact is the glow nature also is associated with the networking phenomenon that can be observed any of the universes everything u ever mentioned and do this for a eve of crescent a moon a validity sky that superimpose the higher piers so being a real human for good such prevision of ideology admen us that we must carry on to bring the eternal theme of talent that can be impregnated through the changes to your nervous and tendency to lead part from the universal challenges in a biological or non biological route , so could do smoothies in the form of natural motorization will carry on far away else details of the skies where the black hole picture are subscribed by the grail of sprits that take us to a sip of heaven drink as a dew factor which is divine to the survival of humans at times of fluidic composition later a dry weight is filled up with the star matrix itself these terminology are better explained as a source of knowledge what a theme can describe and aspiration on always giving a priority to a life for a shopping of farther and longer and much in number these incentives carry us together in the humanity centre to equalize and gather the ultimate clue for our betterment to the spaces of generation to generation in terms of following a path laid from the above mentioned power of creature , that hold a sympathetic mode of teaching is a best of the jobs so far is carried to the stars of heavenly bodies to describe the spherical a circular phenomenon in an atomic fashion that keeps the power of understanding to built from inbuilt in an easier way and else protect the universes from cascade destruction , the sky is certain a teacher to the fashion of operating the networking system called a sky network follows the path for a shuttle to carry the activities for the ultimate exploration create a quest for a future and farther survivals .